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  • Automatic batching engineering of raw material system

    Automatic batching e

    Automatic batching engineering of raw material systemThe differential design is made for different s
  • Automatic control system engineering for glass kiln

    Automatic control sy

    Automatic control system engineering for glass kilnGlass melting control, assemble all kiln process
  • Natural gas combustion system engineering.

    Natural gas combusti

    Natural gas combustion system engineering.In view of the requirements of domestic environmental prot
  • Furnace wind system engineering

    Furnace wind system

    Furnace wind system engineeringThe furnace wind system refers to the wind system used in the kiln op
  • Hot wind heating up

    Hot wind heating up

    Hot wind heating upAdvanced and professional hot wind heating up equipment,professional heating up t
  • Steel structure fabrication

    Steel structure fabr

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As a global integrated service provider of glass technology equipment and engineering system, Nanjing Baisheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. supply one-stop solution including glass engineering design, construction, equipment manufacturing, commissioning and operation training. The company has advanced technology and rich experience in the following :

cold repair and hot repair of glass furnace and furnace heating-up.

equipment fabrication of raw materials system, combustion system, air system, etc.

technical consultation and training.

turn-key solutions of the production lines of various glass items like: float glass, photovoltaic calendered glass, bottles and containers, glass wool, glass tableware, ceramic frit, water glass(sodium silicate). 

 "Science & Technology, Innovation and Service" is always our principal, creating values for our clients. 

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  • Qingzhou 72 square sodium silicate kiln
  • Demolition project of 300-ton saurat special glass kiln in Jintan, Jiangsu Province
  • The wall brick of Taibo Fujian photovoltaic glass furnace was successfully completed.
  • Jiangsu Shuyang Jinda New Energy Co., Ltd. successfully completed the hot repair of kiln bricks.
  • The cold repair of the kiln of the fourth line 500t/d float glass production line of China Glass Technology (Weihai) Glass Co., Ltd. was completed and the kiln was ignited and baked.
  • The cold repair of No.2 kiln of Dezhou Jinghua Medical Glass Co., Ltd. completed the construction and passed the acceptance.
  • Causes of bottom cor...

    With the rapid development of the kiln industry, in recent years, leakage incidents often occur at ...

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